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GISASS is a global Services provider organization Committed to Empowering Business Transformation.

  • At GISASS, we have always prided ourselves on the Vision, Skills, Expertise and professionalism of our team.Our team members make use of their keen Insight To foresee industry trends and meet demanding Customer needs.
  • We will work personally with you to create a Web site & Software that is constant with your company's history, yet takes advantage of today‚Äôs technology.
  • We provide high quality and cost effective web development services using the latest web technologies.

Strategic Goals

GISASS strives to provide service to its customers with emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy, timely response, and accuracy, with a goal of achieving total customer .

GISASS just went Global..

Flexibility is the key to our offerings

Whatever your company needs, we can scale any project to fit your budget. With us, you re-duce outsourcing software development costs and enhance revenue growth with our services.

Financial Growth Rate Increments..

Growth and innovation

Flexibility is the key to our offerings, and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services - from the very stage of design to implementation and customer support.

Recent IT and Communications

Sustainability is a continuous process for us, and we monitor our process on our stated goals at regular intervals.

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